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Development of digital tools for the wine, beer and spirits industry

At EtOH, we don't just advise you on digital. We create the digital tools that answer your sector and your problems.

On subscription or 100% tailor-made, these solutions have been created with you and for you.

Our goal: to make your life easier!

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EtOH Digital Applications

Our offer

EtOH Digital is about the web, data, applications, connectors. With us, you connect, you streamline and you automate. 

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Application creation

We develop specific applications for the wine, beer and spirits industry, available by subscription. We also develop 100% tailor-made apps as a service.

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API creation

Digitization creates an accumulation of software that cannot always communicate with each other. We develop connectors (=API) to connect software to each other.

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METIER Software

Your job is complex and deserves to be automated? EtOH Digital develops business software for the industry, either from our existing modules or 100% custom-made.

What if digital became simple and accessible?


Customization according to needs

It is up to the tool to adapt to the man and not the other way around. At EtOH, we advise you on the right choice of software and hardware, to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all to ensure their proper use.


data automation

Single entry of information, no re-entry, self-completion, easy search: in short, it's 2020! So we are trying to make digital technology simpler than paper. And at the same time, we help you comply with regulations (for those who have heard about the RGPD).

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Controlled cost

Software and digital, did you find it expensive? Indeed, especially if the software is complex or even unusable. At EtOH, we look first at the return on investment. Because digital shouldn't be a cost line: it should bring you money by reducing your management costs and helping you to develop.


Continuous evolution

No more software to download. We're going to the Cloud! It's easier to maintain, the evolutions are permanent and the risk of security flaws is managed by professionals! What's more, the software follows you wherever you go and at home! 

How's the custom job going?


Audit of needs & uses

Methodology Step 1


Realization of the interactive model

Methodology Step 2


Development by functionality

Methodology Step 3


Deployment and maintenance

Methodology Step 4

Our references



Thanks to our tool, you will be able to organize your wine competitions and tasting panels very simply, in a totally dematerialized way and accessible from any type of device. You set the important fields, the sample numbers, the number of tasters and the tasting can begin!



This progressive web application, proposed by the Saône et Loire Departmental Council, allows each tourist to discover all the (oeno)tourist activities nearby, prepare his itinerary, find visits and tastings in Saône et Loire throughout his trip.



This startup offers to create your totally personalized cuvée, based on your tastes. You taste samples, you indicate your preferences and the startup assembles the wine to measure.



We have one of the largest wine databases in the world, collected from official and scientific information. This database is coupled with our matching algorithms and search webservices, which you can integrate thanks to our API.


Interactive Sheet

This fully customizable application, available for any interface, allows you to present your wine files in an aesthetic, digitalized and soon multilingual way.


Domaine Vincent Legou

Thanks to its website, discover the history and wines of Domaine Vincent Legou, based in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Burgundy.



Specialist in the preparation of vineyard land, Agrotechnique accompanies you in all your projects of uprooting, land preparation, before planting vines.



Serviti, your service provider based in the Côte de Nuits, specialist in all manual and mechanical work for your low and high vines.

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