Development of digital tools
for the wine, beer and spirits sector

At EtOH, we don't just advise you. We create the digital tools that respond to your sector and your issues. Our designs are intended to save time and refocus you on your core business.

We do not only create applications and software, we work side by side with you to design an effective and tailor-made solution.

Our goal: to simplify your life!

Our services

EtOH Digital is web, data, applications, connectors. With us, you connect, streamline and automate.

On subscription or 100% tailor-made, these solutions have been created with you and for you.


Application creation

Professional apps to boost your capabilities

We develop specific applications to cover the needs of the wine, beer and spirits sector: cartography, communication, sales and management. They are either available by subscription or 100% tailor-made.
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The API must be at the heart of your IS

Synchronize your data. Create bridges between software. Securely connect your database. Enrich your data with external data.


Your business deserves its own software

Your organization is complex and you cannot find practical software to manage your processes properly. Choose to optimize your resources by investing in your own system.

Our packages

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On subscription

Our in-house developed applications and APIs and our maintenance packages are offered on a subscription basis to better manage your budget.

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Tailor-made package

For small projects well defined in the form of specifications, we offer you a precise budget for the realization of your application.

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Agile iterative method

For ambitious projects, we offer an agile method by development cycle. Each cycle corresponds to a defined duration and cost.

Why choose us?

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Depending on the needs

It is up to the tool to adapt to the man and not the other way around. At EtOH, we advise you on the right choice of software and hardware, to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all to ensure that they are used correctly.

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data automation

Single entry of information, no re-entry, auto-completion, easier search: in short, we are in 2022! So we try to make digital easier than paper. And at the same time, we help you comply with the regulations (for those who have heard of the GDPR).

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Controlled cost

Do you find software and digital expensive? Indeed, especially if the software is complex or even unusable. At EtOH, we first look at the return on investment. Because digital should not be a cost line

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Permanent evolutions

No more software to download. We're moving to the Cloud! It's easier to maintain, changes are permanent and the risk of security breaches is managed by professionals! In addition, the software follows you wherever you go and at home!

Our methodology


Audit of needs & uses

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Realization of the interactive model

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Development by feature

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Deployment and maintenance

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Our references

Clusters & Partners

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