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Do you regularly organize tastings with professionals or amateurs? Are paper sheets unmanageable, unattractive and not very modern?

Our Digital Tasting application allows you to generate tasting forms and to be able to consolidate the results and analyze them in real time.

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Subscription to the digital tasting offer allows you to have access to all the interfaces, whether for the Organizer, as well as those for the Tasters.

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How is your application more interesting than a simple form?

Whether you are comparing a paper form or a Google Form, here are the main advantages of our solution:

  • real-time data collection
  • data security and backup
  • real-time data analysis
  • follow-up of tastings and digital archiving.
A strengthened customer relationship thanks to

– Translations offered to foreign clients.
– A playful and educational approach.
– Rich and well-argued proposals that your dining room team cannot detail with each table due to a lack of time or knowledge.
– Proposals that will arouse the curiosity of your customers.
– A vector of your image, thanks to a graphic design that perfectly reflects your identity and your modernity.

Is a minimum of technical knowledge required to use the application?

Exactly not. Someone who is not familiar with new technologies can use the application perfectly. It was designed in such a way that everyone can use and manipulate it.

Can the Digital Tasting application be installed on any kind of smartphone?

Yes, you can use the Digital Tasting application on any kind of smartphone: IOS and Android.

If I stop my subscription and resume one month later, what happens?

For the protection of your data, each interrupted subscription is automatically deleted after 90 days. This allows us to ensure that there are no accounts with tasting data left in the wild.

If you need to keep the data, we advise you to export them and save them in your Information System.

Can I stop and resume the subscription whenever I want?

Monthly or annual subscriptions are non-binding.

However, each period started is invoiced in full.

Be aware, however, that each completed subscription is automatically and without human intervention deleted. So you will have to recreate a new account to configure with each new subscription: we advise you in this case to subscribe to the subscription to keep the history and save time of your configuration.

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  • Magnum Pack: 1000 requests per month maximum €50/month excl. VAT
  • Pack Jeroboam: 2000 requests per month maximum €80/month excl. VAT
  • *1 request = 1 response requested
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The API must be at the heart of your IS

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