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No more paper sheets, go digital!
Thanks to our interactive catalog, accessible on PC or tablet, you can present your wines wherever you are. Your customers will also be able to receive your wine sheets by email, on their smartphone. In the salon, in tasting, your catalog will follow you everywhere!

Our offer

At your shows, in the cellar, on the move, a single tablet is enough for you to present your entire range of wines in a simple, accessible and above all aesthetic way.

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Why choose us?

Find out how our Digital services work.

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Multi-media use

You can present your range on Tablet, on big screen or on PC.

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Automatic translation

You can choose the languages ​​in which to translate your wine sheets.

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1 account, multiple users

This subscription is unlimited screens or users.

How does it work?

Choose your formula according to the size of your range of bottles


You receive your access by email


You begin to fill your range

Your Project Manager can help you save time


Can the interactive sheet be installed on any kind of tablet?

Yes, you can use the Interactive sheet application on any kind of tablet, but also on computer and digital table.

How many tablets can I use with my subscription?

There is no limit to the number of installations, however, if you want different wine lines per channel/country/region etc. you will have to take several subscriptions.

I do not have a detailed technical sheet for my wines. Can you accompany me?

Directly within the Back-Office, you have suggestions offered. If this is not enough, we can offer you, as an additional option, support for the production of your wine sheets.

Is a minimum of knowledge in oenology necessary to enrich the description?

Exactly not. Someone who does not know wines well can enter their menu on the application.

Is the application offered with support for its implementation and use?

During the launch, a dedicated Project Manager helps you get started. At any time, you can contact us on our support or by chat for help.

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