EtOH Digital's interactive sheet is an essential communication tool for companies in the wine, beer and spirits sector. For what ? Because communication is essential to stand out and attract new customers. Here is how the Interactive Sheet can help your company achieve its communication objectives and premiumize your wines.

A dynamic and interactive presentation of your products

Interactive Sheet is a state-of-the-art solution that allows companies in the beverage sector to present their products in a visual and interactive way. With this solution, companies can present detailed information about their products, such as tasting notes, food and wine pairings and serving recommendations.

In addition, Interactive Sheet offers a dynamic and interactive presentation of your products. Customers can click on interactive images to see additional photos and product information, such as grape varieties, production methods and tasting notes. This immersive experience helps customers better understand your products and make a more informed purchase decision.

A versatile communication tool

EtOH Digital's Interactive Sheet is also a versatile communication tool. It can be used for your BtoB meetings, you can lend it to your agents, you can use it for your dinners, your professional and cellar tastings. It can also be used for your events, such as trade shows and trade fairs.

A machine translation tool

Finally, Interactive sheet is a web application that allows you to enter information in a language of your choice and then offers you the possibility of automatically translating it into other languages. This feature can be very useful for professionals who work with people who speak different languages ​​or for people who frequently travel to foreign countries.


Ultimately, the EtOH Digital Interactive Sheet is a powerful and versatile communication tool. If you want to stand out, this is the solution to choose! You will be able to stand out and attract new customers. With Interactive Listing, showcase your products in an interactive and visual way, giving customers an immersive experience that can enhance their understanding and appreciation of the products. At EtOH Digital, we are committed to helping our clients succeed by providing them with industry-leading solutions to improve their communication and marketing. Contact us today to learn more about the EtOH Digital Interactive Sheet and how it can help optimize your communication strategy and reach new customers.