An API makes it possible to connect a database to an interface or two databases between them or two interfaces between them. EtOH specializes in data for the wine, beer, spirits sector and the creation of tailor-made REST APIs.

The interest is to be able to synchronize, consolidate, enrich data between them and therefore to avoid re-entry.

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 We develop your API to connect or interconnect your existing systems.

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EtOH is the only player that offers access to a database like this in the spirits and beer sector.

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We create a personalized dashboard to allow you to administer your API.

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Keep an eye on your API usage: usage logs, statistical reports, etc.

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Your data is important, which is why we make the security of your data a priority.

How does it work?

Choose the service that suits you

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Your designated project manager will contact you to specify your needs

We send you a detailed intervention proposal


Your project manager accompanies you throughout the project until delivery


What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface, API
Imagine a cable that connects 2 systems: this is the role of the API.

Let's be more visual, let's take a lamp (service consumer). To work, this lamp must be connected to an electrical network, which is why some smart guys had the idea of ​​integrating a cable into your lamp that must be plugged into an electrical outlet. The electrical outlet is therefore an interface (like the API) through which the lamp (a developer or a program) consumes a service (data).

Let's go a little further, you use an API every day without knowing it, it's Google! Your internal browser plays the role of software that seeks to obtain data (the results of your search) and when you type words in the search bar, it formulates a query: example when you type "etoh" it formulates the query

Why use an API?

An API (for "Application Programming Interface") is an interface allowing external applications to communicate with your web project in a standardized way. The development of a tailor-made API for your website can offer you the possibility, for example:

  • to publish and update your news on several media from the back office of your website;
  • to centralize in your back-office the orders and user registrations made via your mobile application;
  • to open your product catalog and your purchase funnel to partner sites.
The possibilities are endless and adapt to all your business processes.
What are the benefits of APIs?
APIs have 3 main advantages:
  • To be able to industrialize the exchange of information.
  • Securing and controlling data exchanges: know who? How? 'Or' What ? how many times ? people access the API.
  • Be able to optimize and develop uses.
What does REST mean?

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is a mode for creating interfaces that defines a set of rules to follow to create APIs and web services.

How do I choose my API?

We have one of the largest wine databases in the world, collected from official and scientific information.

This database is coupled with our matching algorithms and search web service, which you can integrate through our API.

  • I need wine data to fill my product sheets automatically? The EtOH API is for me!
  • I use other software and I want to interconnect them? We can create the tailor-made API, from €20 excluding VAT.

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Creation of your tailor-made API

The API must be at the heart of your IS

Synchronize your data. Create bridges between software. Securely connect your database. Enrich your data with external data.
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