Our team
of superheroes

At EtOH Digital, we are all passionate about the wine, beer and spirits sector! The team is made up of talents, each with their own specialty. Created? Writing ? User experience? Data? We have all the skills necessary for the successful completion of your project.

The founders

At the beginning of the EtOH adventure, two founders with a vision: to support other superheroes in the wine, beer and spirits sector in their entrepreneurial adventure.

Audrey Chaillet

Director General

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and a Master's in Wine Business Management in Madrid, after having worked in trading houses in Spain and Burgundy, she embarked on entrepreneurship to support companies in their marketing, communication and digital.

Alexander Bastard

R&D Innovation Director

Doctor in Oenology, graduate of a Master in Business Management and certified in Web Development, his obsession: data management. Thanks to data and analysis, he is able to understand the challenges of the market, business development and behavioral change.

Sector expertise

We focus on the sector that we master and closely follow: the wine, beer and spirits sector. We work with different clients in the sector to help them define their marketing and communication strategy and help them achieve their business objectives.

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Knowledge of the value chain

Control of manufacturing processes

Market and competition expertise

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Real-time market monitoring

Knowledge of field issues

Brand and consumer trend monitoring

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Understanding of products and specificities

Marketing monitoring of players and brands

Evin Law Knowledge

Our clients

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of products, services, benefits

Tools, products, services


Product Suppliers

Hardware Distributors

Business Services

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Winegrowers, Brewers, Houses

Producers, Cooperators, Traders

Winegrowers, Farmers
Winegrowers, Brewers, Distilleries
Trading, cooperative cellars
Cellars, wine and spirits houses

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wine merchants, e-merchants, GD

Shops, CHR, Mass Distribution

Wine merchants, Specialty stores
Cafes – Hotels – Restaurants
Small and large surfaces
Wholesalers -Importers

Want to know where you are?

Our Values / Mission

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Our team gives their all to make the difference by offering you innovative and adapted solutions just for you!

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We attach great importance to proximity and listening, essential to a good understanding of your story and your communication needs.

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Drive Innovation

In addition to being pioneers in the face of new communication and marketing trends, we are developing our own tools to anticipate your future needs.

Why work with us?

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Knowledge of the sector and trades

Our sector is our specialty : wine, beer, spirits. We work on your issues.

It is by knowing your business that we can provide you with the right solutions.

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Market and competitive intelligence

To understand current and future developments in the sector, we carry out continuous monitoring of the sector.

This allows us to develop today, the tools you will need tomorrow.

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Innovation has no age!

We are young, it is our strength: we master the latest technologies, the latest methods. Our team is trained daily in new languages ​​and new uses.