Millennials are looking for experience

Experiential tasting is a concept that is gaining popularity, especially among millennials. This generation is looking for unique and memorable experiences, and tasting wine, beer or spirits is one of them. This is why it is important for producers, marketers and distributors to take up this challenge by continuing to invent and reinvent immersive and captivating tasting experiences.

To make consumers dream, it is important to offer them a tasting that goes beyond the simple tasting of flavors. This may include information about the history and production of the product, additional sensory elements such as colors and flavors, and entertainment elements to enhance the overall experience.

Our Tasting apps: true allies of experiential tasting

The apps in our Tasting Collection, such as the Interactive Sheet, the Interactive Sommelier and the Digital Tasting, are real allies for wine, beer or spirits sellers looking to stand out. They offer an interactive and personalized tasting experience that can be adapted to the needs and preferences of each consumer. Additionally, these apps can be used to provide detailed product information, enhance the tasting experience, and create an emotional connection with consumers.

The Tasting Collection apps are powerful tools for all wine, beer and spirits professionals looking to create immersive tasting experiences for their customers.


Concretely, how to create simple and innovative tasting experiences


Digital tasting application

Here are some concrete examples of how these apps can add value to tasting:
Interactive sheet: this application allows consumers to interactively discover product information such as ingredients, production process, tasting notes and food-wine pairings. This sheet can be personalized according to the preferences and interests of the consumers, which helps them to better understand and appreciate the products.

Interactive Sommelier: This online sommelier can help consumers determine their taste and aroma preferences, and guide them to products that match their tastes. He can also offer advice on tasting, food-wine pairings and product conservation. This application is the ideal ally for waiters, managers, heads of restaurants, bars, hotels that have room service!
Digital tasting: this application allows you to organize a tasting in a synchronized and digital way so as not to have to use paper. It can be multilingual, face-to-face, remote, mixed. Consumers can explore the products interactively, learning about the different colors, aromas and flavors. This app may also include entertainment elements to enhance the overall experience.

By using these apps, professionals can deliver a tasting experience that goes beyond simply tasting flavors. Consumers can learn about products, interact with them interactively, and create an emotional connection with the products. Ultimately, this can lead to increased consumer loyalty and sales, as consumers are more likely to buy products they have a personal and emotional connection to.

In conclusion, experiential tasting is a key element for wine, beer or spirits sellers looking to differentiate themselves and satisfy consumer demands. Tasting Collection apps can help sellers deliver an engaging and personalized tasting experience that can build consumer loyalty and improve sales.

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