Our role: to develop simple, practical tools that meet the needs and budgets of small and large companies.

The origin of our projects? Your own needs. Each tool comes from the need of one of our customers and users. We co-develop with you and according to your needs.

We have two marketing methods:

our Apps and software on subscription (SaaS), without commitment, according to the number of users;
tailor-made software billed as a service.


At EtOH, we want digital to simplify the daily lives of our customers, allowing them to focus on their core business and on value-added tasks.

Our applications aim to help the wine, beer and spirits sector to better manage, sell better and produce better.

But we know that digital is often too time-consuming, too complex and too expensive for you. Challenge accepted ! We are going to give you a taste for digital:

  • is digital expensive? No, we will calculate the savings made thanks to our applications;
  • does digital take a long time to set up? No, with us, the configuration is managed by our teams;
  • digital, is it complicated on a daily basis? No, you keep all the tools to hand, directly from your smartphone.

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Software without data is like… a car without gasoline! It's pretty but it's not progressing so it stays in the garage!

An API is a connector that allows data to be transmitted from one software to another. Today the digital transformation has created an accumulation of software in all directions.

Our role at EtOH: to make them communicate and enrich the data software to relieve the user of all input. In the end: saving time, saving money and above all less difficulty and less risk of error.


For the needs of the sector, we have developed a unique IT development methodology, which we call "FLOWER POWER".

The principle of the FLOWER POWER methodology is to start from the user and his working methods, called “workflow”. Then we study to optimize them thanks to digital technology. From there, we highlight the different data concerned and the data flows, which builds the architecture of the databases.

We end with the tip of the iceberg: the software interfaces. These must be developed for immediate and intuitive handling. In some cases, we develop an interface by type of user to stick closely to each use.

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Why work with us?

Our purpose: to provide you with solutions.

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Focus on user experience

Our focus: a simple, intuitive, aesthetic interface. To want to use software, you need pleasant interfaces that make you want to be used.

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Strategy & advice

Where to start ? We help you define your priorities and the implementation steps to ensure the smooth running and proper use of digital tools.

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Digital and internationalization are accelerating change. The achievements and good practices are constantly being shaken up by new innovations. We carry out an active watch to stay up to date.

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Not satisfied with our solution? No worries, at EtOH, we are not here to cause you problems, but you provide solutions.

« In the new world, it is not the big fish that eats the little one; the fastest eats the slowest.« 

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

What stage are you at? What to start with ? How much does it cost ? All these answers are here!