La E-Salon solution is an interactive online platform for organizing virtual events for the Wine, Beer and Spirits sectors.
Gather your customers, prospects and collaborators without moving them!

Our offer

Thanks to our platform, you create your exhibition website, manage your reservations and manage exchanges with exhibitors and exhibitors with visitors. An interactive tool, personalized to your graphic charter, intuitive and scalable that revolutionizes the shopping experience.

Pricing conditions

Why choose us?

Faced with the multitude of salon offers, our salon is simple, accessible, intuitive, personalized. No frills: we focus on the networking and appointment-making features.

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Access the virtual fair from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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Simple access

An innovative platform, accessible 24/7 via a simple URL link.

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Interactive content

Add information on your stand, conference room: PDF, text...

How does it works?

Make an appointment with a Project Manager

We collect your needs and make you a suitable commercial proposal

After payment of the deposit, we configure your site

You receive your access, online training: you can prepare your launch


You can initiate show marketing and exhibitor registration

Our after-sales service team is there to answer your questions and the difficulties that your exhibitors may encounter.


What does the salon package include?

This package includes:

  • Support for the preparation and running of your event.
  • Setting up a dedicated website
  • Access to the organizer back-office
  • A team of experts at your service, including a dedicated project manager to coordinate with you, in project mode, all the stages of your event: design, set-up, preparation, progress, support and assessment.
Why organize a virtual fair?

Whether you are a trade show organizer or not, the BtoB meeting format via digital is a real opportunity to target, create specialized meeting groups, facilitate exchanges, create joint projects.

If the living room reminds you of traditional physical fairs, it is necessary to open the operation and the tool. Today, we organize fairs of all kinds:

  • private fairs between actors who wish to create joint projects;
  • private rooms for cluster;
  • exhibitions to help professionals to export.

Unlike physical fairs, there are no more physical, linguistic or geographical barriers. The tool allows simultaneous translation, management of different time zones, asynchronous linking.

What features are included in the basic package?

With the basic plan, you have access to:

  • MESSAGING: Users can send you emails to exhibitors directly from their stand

  • DOWNLOAD: The exhibitor may provide visitors with downloadable documents

  • VIDEOS AND IMAGE GALLERY: Each exhibitor can highlight their videos and images on their stand

  • CUSTOMIZABLE STAND: The stands of your customers will be in their image and easily modifiable.

  • CLIENT EXPERIENCE : Interactivity, personalization and immediacy that improve the user experience.

  • SIMPLE ACCESS: An innovative platform, accessible 24/7 via a simple URL link.

  • MULTI-MEDIA: Access the virtual fair from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

  • AGENDA AND MEETING: Exhibitors will be able to set up several agendas depending on the number of sales representatives

  • INTERACTIVE CONTENT: Easily add information on your stand or in the conference room: PDF, text, image, video...

  • STATISTICS: You receive all the traffic statistics and passages on the stands

  • LIVE DIALOGUE: A space for discussions and exchanges with the organizers / exhibitors and speakers (videoconference)

Can you accompany us on the marketing of the show?

As an option, we can offer you support packages for visibility, prospecting, marketing and user assistance for your exhibitors.

These packages are optional, without purchase obligation and depend on your needs.

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