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Sommelier, your restaurant's interactive wine list. Here is an aesthetic, intuitive application to always keep your map up to date. Simply present the complete presentation sheet for each of your wines.

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Thanks to our application, accessible on tablet or iPad, your customers will be able to discover your references by region, color, taste profile (“fruity and light red”), history of the estate, food and wine pairings, all in several languages. 

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Multi-media use

You can present your range on Tablet, on big screen or on PC.

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Automatic synchronization, a bottle is no longer in stock? No more customer disappointment.

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Time Saving

Does your wine list change regularly? Fill out your forms quickly and easily.

How does it work?


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You start to fill your range of bottles

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Why use a digital wine list?

A digital wine list on a touch pad helps to sell more and in particular increases your wine turnover by 15% to 35% on average. Your servers are not always knowledgeable oenologists. This wine list on a tablet allows you to advise your customers thanks to information on wines such as the appellation, the wine estate, etc.

A strengthened customer relationship thanks to

– Translations offered to foreign clients.
– Freedom of choice for connoisseurs and neophytes alike.
– A playful and educational approach.
– Rich and well-argued proposals that your dining room team cannot detail with each table due to a lack of time or knowledge.
– Proposals that will whet the appetite and curiosity of your customers.
– A vector of your image, thanks to a graphic design that perfectly reflects your identity and your modernity.

Can Sommelier be installed on any kind of tablet?

Yes, you can use the Sommelier application on any kind of tablet, but also on computer and digital table.

Can I have a subscription for several restaurants?

You can use one subscription for multiple tablets within a restaurant, however, if you have restaurant chains, you will need to subscribe to one subscription per restaurant.

How many tablets can I use with my subscription? Is there a limit to the number of installs?

There is no limit to the number of installations.

Is the application offered with support for its implementation and use?

We can offer you support for the implementation of the application, and for all future questions, we provide you with our support and our online chat where we will answer all your questions.

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Subscription to our EtOH Cloud API

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  • Magnum Pack: 1000 requests per month maximum €50/month excl. VAT
  • Pack Jeroboam: 2000 requests per month maximum €80/month excl. VAT
  • *1 request = 1 response requested
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