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EtOH Coach is the ultimate mobile app for anyone who wants improve their knowledge on wines, beers and spirits in a short time and on the move.

On your mobile devices, with a adapted pedagogy, you can progress at your own pace and focus on your weak points to become an expert on the subject. Of the interactive lessons, quizzes and exercises will allow you to test your knowledge while monitoring your progress.

Join the beta testers now to preview the app and become the next wine, beer and spirits expert!


Because we don't all have time to spend hours and days training, EtOH Coach is the app for people who want to learn but for whom time is limited. 5 minutes a day is enough to become an expert in wines, beers and spirits!

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Why learn with EtOH Coach?

EtOH Coach is developed by and for users and learners in the wine, beer and spirits sector.

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Time Saving

You have your support always with you. A queue, a late appointment? No wasted time with EtOH Coach!

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At your own pace, without getting discouraged

Focus on your shortcomings and diversify the content: the course progresses at your own pace!

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Rapid progress

No need to spend days in training to acquire new knowledge.

How does it work?

Fill out the form to become a beta tester

We validate your registration and give you access to the beta

You receive your access by email

We'll regularly ask for your feedback on features and bugs.


You will be able to preview the new features and suggest changes to us.

You will be able to receive exclusive bonuses, content and promo codes on other of our apps


Does EtOH Coach work on PC?

Not just mobile. Everything has been designed to be used on the move.

Is there a free version?

Yes, you will be able to test courses for free before committing to see if the app is what you are looking for. For the moment, we are still in the beta version, reserved for users registered via the form.

Who produces the course content?

The courses are carried out by certified professionals on the various courses offered. Everything is overseen by Audrey Chaillet, our founder who oversees the quality of content on the platform.

Is there a minimum level?

There are courses for all tastes and all levels.

Is the content certified, in particular by the WSET?

No not at all. The content is freely written by our editors but can help students preparing for certifications such as those offered by WSET.

Are you hesitating?

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