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Do you need to digitize yourself? To simplify your processes, to automate them? Do you want to reduce your entry time, reduce the administrative burden, avoid re-entry and why not, secure your information and your processes?

Then you are ready for the digitalization of your activity.

Here is a series of tools and services that may meet your needs.


Find all the tools that our consultants use on a daily basis to digitize the wine and spirits sector as well as the tailor-made services that we can provide for you.

Map Apps

Our cartographic apps allow you to show your terroir whether you are a Trainer, Winegrower, Distributor, Tasting animator.

Visual of our geoVINUM Pro App

Digital tasting

Our Digital Tasting application allows you to generate tasting forms and to be able to consolidate the results and analyze them in real time.

Visual of our Digital Tasting App

Interactive sheet

Our interactive sheet application allows you to present your wine range in a premium, complete way, the appellation map and in a multilingual version.

Visual of our Interactive Sheet App

Sommelier app

Our Sommelier application allows you to present digital, complete, multilingual wine lists, updated in real time.

Visual of our Sommelier App

EtOH Coach

Our EtOH Coach application allows you to learn via microlearning about wines, beers and spirits and to train on the move, 5 minutes a day.

Visual of our EtOH Coach App

EtOH Continued

Our EtOH Suite application allows you to manage your entire operation from your pocket: task management, dashboard, emailing, social networks, etc.

Visual of our EtOH Suite App

Tailor-made app

Do you like our apps? You need a tailor-made app: we have the expertise and the experience.

Visual example of a tailor-made App that we can develop

Tailor-made API

You have several software and you want to make them communicate? We can develop your connectors and APIs.

Visual example of a tailor-made API that we can develop

Tailor-made ERP

Do you need to replace your old software and move to the cloud? We develop your software.

Visual example of tailor-made ERP that we can develop


3 formulas to meet your needs: one-off, recurring, ambitious.